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Srinagar Cuisines

Srinagar Cuisines

The cuisines of Srinagar are mostly spicy but they will surely pamper the taste buds of food connoisseurs. Mutton, chicken and fish are of prime importance in Kashmiri meal. Everyday cooking often combines vegetables and meat in the same dish. Mutton with turnips, chicken and spinach, fish and lotus are some of the delicious combinations. Pure vegetarian dishes include Dum-Alloo, Chaman- fried paneer in thick sauce while the non vegetarian dishes of the city include rista which are meatballs cooked in gravy, seekh kababs, rogan josh etc. The breakfast cuisine includes bread which is known as sheermal which is only found here. Another type of breakfast bread is known as tsochvoru which is quite famous in the area is bread covered in sesame seeds and salt tea. Kahva or green tea is used as hot drinks to wash down a meal.

Non vegetarian dishes are considered in Kashmir a sign of lavish hospitality. Wazawan a 36 course meal is served at weddings and parties. Rice is the staple food of Kashmiris. To add the creamy touch and flavor to the dishes mostly curd and asafetida are used. Other addictive spices used to enhance the taste include dry ginger and saunf. Saffron is also used extensively in most of the dishes of Kashmir to add the amazing aromas in pulaos and sweets. Dry fruits make a regular use of dry fruits especially in the preparation of curries. Kashmiris are heavy tea drinkers. The most popular drink is pinkish colored salted tea called as noon chai which is a common breakfast tea in Kashmir. At marriages, feast, festivals and religious places, it is customary to serve Kahwah or Qahwah.

Several restaurants in Srinagar serve Kashmiri Wazawan on their menus. Some of the best renowned restaurants that savor authentic Wazawan are Mughal Durabar, Ahdoos and Grands on the Residency Road. Broadway Hotel on Maulana Azad Road arranges Wazawan prepared by professionals. Most of the hotels in Srinagar have attached restaurants generally serving Indian, Continental and Kashmiri cuisines. There are various bakeries at dalgate and Shervani road that serve Kashmiri breads like sheermala and baqerkhani with out which the Kashmiri breakfast is incomplete.

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